Women must fight for the right to abortion – at the polls


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Hundreds of protesters marched down Salisbury Street in Raleigh on May 3, 2022, calling for the preservation of abortion rights after a leaked draft notice of a Supreme Court ruling said the court could being about to cancel Roe against Wade.

Hundreds of protesters marched down Salisbury Street in Raleigh on May 3, 2022, calling for the preservation of abortion rights after a leaked draft notice of a Supreme Court ruling said the court could being about to cancel Roe against Wade.

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The Supreme Court seems ready, with the stroke of a pen, to strip half of the American population of their inalienable right to freedom over their own bodies. Ladies of America, DO NOT put up with this. Run, don’t walk, to the voting booth. It is time for a political revolution.

Shannon JeffersonCharlotte


Republicans have gone out of their way to punish women who have unwanted pregnancies. What are the consequences for the father in these cases? If the father were responsible for all of the financial costs of pregnancy as an adult, including childcare and college education or the equivalent, there might be fewer unintended pregnancies.

Larry Bennett, Matthews

What’s coming?

The Roe vs Wade reversal issue is just the beginning of what’s to come. The GOP has successfully implemented voting restrictions in many states. Their agenda also includes the erosion of LGBTQ rights and the elimination of same-sex marriage, certain forms of birth control, and other civil liberties that the majority of this country has come to accept. As a woman, I am not interested in becoming state property.

Dot Meixler, Huntersville

Well done, Betty

Regarding “’Charlottens react to potential downfall of Roe v. Wade’ (May 4):

Well done Betty Gunz! You are a brave woman to tell your story. I applaud Gunz’s bravery in speaking about his past, especially when “abortion” was a dirty word in this country. I hope she will continue her efforts to help other women who find themselves in an untenable situation.

Janis Roelker, Mooresville

Biden Propaganda

With the polling numbers for the Biden administration looking bad, we now have a Disinformation Governance Council, created by the Department of Homeland Security.

The council is led by Nina Jankowicz, a misinformation “expert” who in 2020 described Hunter Biden’s laptop as “a product of the Trump campaign.” So the Americans can count on her to tell us the truth about what is happening on the southern border. Unfortunately, the DGB will be nothing more than a propaganda office.

Craig ReutlingerCharlotte

Budd, the border

What a laugh! Here’s another giant glossy postcard from Ted Budd slamming the Biden administration on the need to “build that wall!” Yes, immigration is a mess, and what Budd and the radical right are pushing about it is a lie. It is Congress that is responsible for changing immigration laws.

As a congressman, Budd should act and stop hounding the administration that inherited the mess.

Nancy C. Bryant, Norwood

Student loans

Student loan forgiveness is a criminal act. It is a crime against bona fide lenders and a crime against all taxpayers. It is a crime to foster a culture of irresponsibility. Cancel my car payment? Probably not. This administration is selling hard-working citizens into ruin.

Larry Guli, Waxhaw

Charlotte Drivers

Here is my “Pedestrian Survival Guide to Crossing the Streets of Charlotte”:

Don’t be fooled by traffic lights that have turned red and crossing signs that are flashing. In the Myers Park, Eastover and Dilworth neighborhoods where I walk, these signals are routinely ignored by motorists who seem to regard pedestrians as obstacles to be tolerated or intimidated.

Given the lack of police presence or camera surveillance, I suggest that when crossing at intersections, pedestrians not only watch traffic lights and crossing signals, but stop for as long as five seconds . Then make direct eye contact with the nearest driver to make sure they see and hopefully offer you the right of way.

I’ve had many close calls and traffic jams from rushed drivers, but these extra precautions have kept me alive so far.

Ron KnapeCharlotte


The current problem of deficit and inflation must be solved by Congress and the executive branch, not by the Federal Reserve. It’s about the distribution of money, not about the amount of money – too many tax cuts for the wealthy and not enough government spending on programs that increase incomes for everyone else.

When the Fed raises interest rates, it hurts those who have to borrow money, not those who can pay cash for what they want – homes, electronics, nutritious food, etc. In other words, it stops the good, not the bad, inflation.

Chuck KellyCharlotte

Budget Charlotte

On Monday, Charlotteans will have the opportunity to attend a hearing on the city’s 2023 budget. Budgets are about priorities. Building community resilience to climate change should be high on the list. But what the city is proposing does not take the climate emergency seriously.

Charlotte’s Strategic Energy Action Plan (SEAP) and Sustainable Development Goals were designed to meet this challenge. But how serious is the city when funding to achieve specific goals is not identified? Proper implementation of the SEAP may require twice as much funding as planned, while funding for the Office of Sustainability is about half of what is needed. It is time for citizens to voice their concerns about these red flags in the budget.

Karen HodgesCharlotte


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