Watch Shredding and Surfing Merge in Quiksilver’s ‘Surf the Mountain’

What’s it like snowboarding and surfing with a fun crew in British Columbia? You’ll find out in this action-packed montage.

Five friends go shredding and surfing on Vancouver Island. They snowboarded in fresh deep powder and surfed empty waves, which made their trip full of interesting adventures.

Quiksilver’s “Surf the Mountain” features Bryan Fox, Austen Sweetin, Gerard Red, Rice Travisand Mikey Wright, who spent a week on the island for fun at the end of the season. After watching this movie, you’ll want to layer up and hang out.

If you’re curious about the Quiksilver collection for your next cold weather outing, then check out the full Travis Rice Collection. And check out our in-depth review of the Men’s Quiksilver TR Stretch Snow Pants too.

Duration: 4 minutes

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Rebecca Ross
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