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Sometimes you just want to float on a lake, sip a cool drink, and relax your toes in the water. And sometimes you don’t. If you’re in that latter mood and looking to kick the excitement up a notch, try your hand at wake surfing on Lake Norman at Mooresville, North Carolina.

Lake Norman is over 32,000 acres of water lover’s paradise. Also known as the “Inland Sea,” the state’s largest man-made lake offers water sports for all ages and abilities. Historically, probably the most adventurous outing on the lake was jet skiing. But in recent years a new sport has emerged for those who want to test their skills on the water.

Surfing. On a lake. Not catching ocean waves, where nature controls size and volume, but surfing behind a boat specially designed to produce a big wake. A wake that can be enlarged or reduced depending on who catches the wave.

Photo courtesy of @chelsea_cordes

While visitors to Lake Norman can rent a boat and a board, and hope they can figure out how to get up on the board, throw the rope, and surf before having to put the boat back on, it’s a much better experience, and much more fun, if you turn to a pro to get started.

Ride LKN Wake & Surf Co is on a mission to get even beginners riding on their first outing. Led by experienced surfers and wakeboarders, including US Coast Guard Senior Captain Martin Cagle, Captain Justin Gaeta and Senior Captain Kyle Miller, the crew has a combined 50 years of surfing and wakeboarding experience.

Photo courtesy of Ride LKN Wake & Surf Co

“Our goal is to provide our guests with the ultimate day on the lake,” Cagle said. “Whether you’re learning to wakeboard or wake surf for the first time or are ready to add some pro-level tricks to your ride, we’ll get you there in style and a whole lot of fun!” Our crew, equipment and MasterCraft Boat Company boats are the best in the world.

If you have a group that includes the less adventurous, that’s no problem. Charter sessions are charged by the hour, not by the person. If half of your group wants to wake up surfing and wakeboarding while the other half wants to tube or just drop anchor and swim, all activities are included in your session time. There are also many rental companies on the lake that offer kayak and paddle board rentals if you want a slower, more relaxed approach to the lake.

For those who want to go further in their adventure, they can try wake foiling. Wake foils use hydrofoils attached to a mast under the board that cut through the water and provide lift, so once you get going you’ll be 2-3 feet above the surface of the water. It’s a new and challenging water sport that will make you feel like you’re flying!

Photo courtesy of Ride LKN Wake & Surf Co

“Foiling is a newer and extremely unique wake activity that we offer,” says Cagle. “It’s tough, but a lesson with one of our expert instructors will have you flying over the water and riding the waves without a rope in your hand before you know it. simply has nothing like it.

After a day of boarding, surfing, foiling or swimming, you will probably be quite hungry and thirsty. The Mooresville Ale Trail is the perfect place to start cooling off after your day’s activities. With six unique brews, you’re sure to find a couple that will become your new favorites.

Photo courtesy of Hoptown Brewery

You can also head to one of the lakeside restaurants for a great meal overlooking the sunset. Toucan’s Lakefront is a popular spot with a large waterfront patio, plenty of seafood options, and an extensive menu of fruity drinks.

Wake surfing is just one of the many adventures you can find when you visit Mooresville. From boat and jet ski rentals to a world-class go-kart track to mountain biking on the trails of Lake Norman State Park, head to to start planning your fun. Find your adventure, find your speed, find yourself in Mooresville, NC.

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