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Hey, Asheville, this is Stephanie. 👋 Last week, I went to see Mars Hill University to experience one of their special annual traditions – Mount Bailey hike.

Tony Floyd, MHU President created and hosts this tradition for new students each year, alongside teachers. According to him, the experiment is a great metaphor for the students’ first year of school: harder than they think, but incredibly rewarding if they stick to it.

What we tried:

It was a beautiful day at Mars Hill, and everyone was super excited to hit the trail. But before starting, the students + teachers appreciated: a performing Arts by the MHUs Bailey Mountain award-winning clogs to immerse ourselves in the Mountain Lion spirit. 🥾

Do not miss :

Bailey Mountain Loggers in action.

The Bailey Mountain Clogs are 20 times national champions – and they did not disappoint. After their performance, we started our trek to the top.

What we’re still talking about:

The view from checkpoint 1 is Amazing. Not only can you see the base of the mountain where the hike began, but also the campus and lines of the Blue Ridge Mountains.

Checkpoint #1 Bailey Mountain

Checkpoint #1 is a perfect spot for a scenic photo op or just to sit and enjoy the view.

Photo by AVLtoday team

President Floyd was right – the hike is tough, but very rewarding. I loved watching the students put away their phones and connect with teachers, each other and their beautiful campus on a deeper level during the hike. This year, ~350 students participated in the hike.

Mars Hill University students on top of Bailey Mountain

A great hike deserves a great photo op.

Photo by AVLtoday team

How can you experience it:

This hike is open to all Mars Hill University students, alumni, and the public. If you are a future student (or know one)Fall 2023 applications are Open.*

To know if you go there:

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