Trojena: the first outdoor ski destination in the GCC

Exceptional tourism projects are springing up all over the Middle East, especially in Saudi Arabia. And the Kingdom’s latest mission is to open the first-ever outdoor ski resort in the GCC. Called Trojena, it will be a year-round global destination for mountain tourism, offering a variety of ski runs, as well as other outdoor activities and countless facilities. Located at the center of NEOM, Tabuk’s sustainable megacity project, the new tourist center is expected to be completed by 2026 and is expected to attract 700,000 ski and adventure enthusiasts each year by 2030.

“Trojena will redefine mountain tourism for the world by creating a place based on the principles of ecotourism, highlighting our efforts to preserve nature and improve the quality of life for the community, which is aligned with the objectives of the Vision 2030 of the kingdom,” Crown Prince Mohammed said. bin Salman, who is the chairman of the board of the NEOM company, said.

Covering a total area of ​​26,500 km2, Trojena, comprising the Gateway, Discover, Valley, Explore, Relax and Fun districts, is designed to be completely eco-friendly through the use of solar energy. All construction will adhere to NEOM’s commitment to minimize disruption to the local ecology and ensure long-term sustainability. The Vault is a folded vertical village, “a portal that connects the physical and the digital”, and there will be a host of world-class entertainment and hospitality facilities, including ultra family and wellness resorts -luxurious and a selection of shops and restaurants. The Bow Hotel, described as “an architectural masterpiece that will provide an unparalleled hotel experience”, and hillside homes overlooking a man-made freshwater lake are also on the list of attractive features. Houses called “Slope Residences” and other luxury mansions with panoramic views are being built in hopes of attracting 7,000 permanent residents.

In addition to the ski slopes, visitors will have the opportunity to practice various sports activities, including water sports, mountain biking and hiking. Tourists can also visit the interactive nature reserve. In addition, Trojena, which is expected to create over 10,000 jobs and add SR3 billion to the kingdom’s GDP by 2030, will provide facilities to support sports, arts, music and cultural festivals and a range of recreational activities.

Located 50 km from the coast of the Gulf of Aqaba, the region is characterized by a mountain range with the highest peaks in Saudi Arabia at around 2,600 meters above sea level. In winter, temperatures drop to zero degrees at night, while daytime temperatures are 10 degrees lower than other cities in the region.

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