Timberline Lodge, OR, Report: 4th of July Weekend Summer Skiing Vibes

So cool to ski well in July. 1 credit

Report from Saturday July 2, 2022.

Skiing at Timberline Lodge in the summer is just different.

I know it might sound obvious, but there’s a vibe like no other.

The lifts start turning at 7am so you can make your turns before the summer sun gets too hot.

I arrived at the parking lot around 8:15.

As I walked to the elevators I saw license plates from Utah, Colorado, Idaho, Illinois, South Dakota, New York, California, Wyoming and of course Oregon and Washington. I’m sure many other states were represented. I also saw sponsored vehicles for Killington Resort, Steamboat Springs and Mt Bachelor.

Ski racers at the top. 1 credit

Being the last resort open in North America attracts people from all over.

There are ski teams, ski and snowboard camps and the general public.

snow field
The snowfield is holding up well. 1 credit

In the elevators, I chatted with people from New York, New Jersey, California, Colorado, Utah and Washington.

The skiing was fantastic, well above my expectations.

Timberline still has so much snow and it wasn’t too hard or too soft. I could even ski to the parking lot.

to dig
Going up on the Palmer lift you can see that they had to dig it out and the snowpack is still thick. 1 credit

I spent the day searching and ripping fresh corduroy. There was plenty to find, even with plenty of land reserved for runners and camps.

Everyone up there is just having a good time. How could you not? It was a pretty sunny day.

Strangers were punching me mid-station on the Palmer elevator.

Around 10 a.m. the lines got longer because that’s when the terrain parks opened, but they quickly dwindled.

The snowfield with the terrain park below and Mount Jefferson in the background. 1 credit

In the early afternoon more clouds rolled in and I decided it was time to go for a mountain bike ride.

Timberline has had so much snow they haven’t even opened their bike park yet. So, I rode the highway on my mountain bike, thanks to my Lolo Rack, to the Sandy Ridge Trail System. I changed my equipment and my backpack, and I left to finish my day of two sports.

I still had a good run with over 1,100 feet of climbing. 1 credit

What a beautiful day and an amazing way to kick off Independence Day weekend.

wood line
Credit: Timberline Lodge 02/07/22
Credit: snow-forecast.com
Runner on the course. 1 credit
1 credit
Ski to the lot. 1 credit
East Coast representative. 1 credit
Salt for snow. Salt basically works by melting snow crystals at the very top of the ski’s surface, creating mud that quickly refreezes into a smoother, faster ski surface. The snow almost instantly becomes less “catchy”. This provides more skiable surface conditions and increases safety, contributing to Timberline’s reputation as one of the best summer ski and snowboard programs in the world and an international summer destination. 1 credit
Clouds come late. It’s time to go mountain biking. 1 credit
The bike park should open in a few weeks. 1 credit

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