The 9 Best Merrell Hiking Boots for Men in 2022 — Men’s Hiking Shoes

Popular mechanics; Courtesy of Merrell

Footwear brand Merrell has seen a surge in popularity recently, largely thanks to the 2021 addition of Hydro Mocs – a cult clog-shaped shoe that can be worn in wet or dry conditions – to the range. brand, but the company has been making some of the best hiking shoes on the market for over 30 years now. Merrell designs boots for a wide range of trail levels and weather conditions and builds them to last; Using the best materials and latest technologies, their hiking boots are renowned for their comfort and durability.

Whether you’re hitting the Rockies, taking a day hike, or just hitting the trails in your town, you’re sure to find a men’s hiking boot from Merrell that will meet your needs. Many of their styles also make great everyday shoes, working just as well on city streets as they do in tough terrain.

What to consider

Merrell has a huge selection of styles, so to narrow it down, there are some things you’ll need to consider to get the pair that best suits your needs. Choosing a heavy winter boot if you’re planning a summer trek in Zion Park will make your feet scream before you cover any terrain. Figure out what you plan to use the hiking shoes for, whether it’s serious hiking or casual everyday wear, and from there you can decide which materials and features would work best. to your particular needs.


If you plan to use your hiking boots specifically for hiking, first consider the intensity of those hikes. If you’re navigating easy or medium-hard trails, you won’t need a particularly sturdy or thick-soled pair. Likewise, if you’re tackling winter hikes, a lightweight, breathable boot won’t be a good choice. Below, we mention the best use for each of the boots we have chosen to facilitate your selection process.


The materials used in the construction of each boot determine not only their durability, but also their style. A classic hiking shoe usually has a leather upper and a rubber sole, but textiles have become hyper specific when it comes to performance, so there are now plenty of options. Merrell uses full grain leather – the highest quality leather available – for the uppers of their classic looking boots as well as their heavier winter boots for durability; for a lightweight trail shoe, they use a knitted mesh material on a less bulky silhouette.


Special features, such as waterproofing and sole type, should be tailored to your level of hiking experience and what you think you need on the trails. The waterproofing characteristics are excellent if you’re crossing streams or trekking in bad weather and the Vibram soles have different levels of grip to best suit the style of boot they’re attached to; some have grippy lugs for ice and snow, while others are meant to provide traction on rocks and gravel.

How we selected

To choose the best Merrell hiking shoes for men, we first considered the variety of surfaces that users can wear these shoes on, such as mountain trails, forest treks, and winter climbs. We then checked each pair’s unique features to determine where they would work best, as well as user reviews to see which ones actually hold up to the elements and rigorous hikes. All of our picks have an average rating of at least 4 out of 5 stars and have been tested by enthusiasts in different hiking locations, as well as on city trips.

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