Staytripper: A Map of Trails for Mountain Biking in Vermont | Staytripper | Seven days

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  • Jeb Wallace-Brodeur | Jean Jacques

Since Seven days spear Staytripper In mid-2020, the monthly supplement offered suggestions for safely rediscovering recreation in the state during the pandemic. In this special edition, it’s less road map, more trail map. Take your helmet and go with the flow, that’s the question of mountain biking!

Mountain biking has picked up speed in Vermont over the past decade. Like maple syrup, fall foliage and Ben & Jerry’s, the sport has become another star in Green Mountain State. As Bike magazine says, “Vermont is one of the friendliest places in the universe to ride the earth.”

It’s about to get even more user-friendly: This summer, cyclists will inaugurate the new Velomont Trail, which aims to connect existing networks from the bottom of the state to the top.

Of course, you don’t have to be a long-distance cyclist to enjoy the state’s rugged trails or the stories of this issue. Read on to meet the teenager who helped plot some beginner-friendly trails at the Cochran Ski Area in Richmond. Head to Stowe to buy a bike – and a burrito – at Ranch Camp, on the edge of the Cady Hill Forest. Also at the edge of the trails: a trio of bike bars where pedal pushers can refuel. And if Ritzer R&R is more of your jam, try the beautiful Inn at Burklyn. Bonus: he connects to Kingdom Trails.

Special thanks to Berne Broudy, writer, photographer and mountain biking adventurer, for his advice on this issue.

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