Skiing in New England at retro prices? You can at these 10 mountains

Skiing and boarding aren’t cheap (but they sure are fun.)

According to New To Ski, the average day, without travel, accommodation and those little extras, is around $150 per person. And just think that at many resorts across the country (including here in New England) that price won’t even get you up the mountain.

But don’t worry, I’ve got you covered. Or should I say these scenic mountains do.

Yes, luckily there are plenty of coasters with classic New England charm and retro prices, so you can have a little fun without worrying about the expense.

Now, those mountains aren’t your big boys, of course. What they are, however, is idyllic winter fun on the slopes without breaking your wallet. And how awesome is it?

So if you’re up for it, let’s visit New Hampshire, Maine, Vermont and Massachusetts to find the cheapest places to hit the slopes and more.

Ski These 9 New England Mountains For Under $100

Are you looking for a place to go skiing without breaking the bank? Check out these ski mountains in New England.

Where is your favorite place to ski cheap? Did I miss any? Are there any other places we should have mentioned?

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