Ski like a new vegetarian


Vegetarianism can be a tough nut to crack. For some, this may only require a few slight dietary changes, like giving up gelatin or finding an alternative to fish sauce. For others, it involves a complete reassessment of oneself, followed by several disastrous attempts to recreate a funky lasagna from an online recipe, and ultimately ends with a lot of crying and a bucket of KFC.

Fortunately, while in the past people who tried to ‘go vegetarian’ were forced to give up everything when they headed to the Alps and were faced with an almost exclusively meat-based menu, this is no longer the case. Vegetarian and vegan options can be found served at most mountain restaurants and tour operators like SkiBeat have gone so far as to offer special cooking-themed weeks including “Nut-Free”, “Vegan” and “Gluten-Free” at selected chalets in recent seasons.

CREDIT OT la Plagne – J. Favre

So I went to La Plagne in France with this Brighton-based group who have been organizing winter holidays for British skiers since the 1980s. They will take you by plane, host you in a great chalet and have a host at your disposal. to make sure you are well taken care of and taken care of by experts. In recent years, they have made more and more efforts to meet individual dietary needs, organizing special ski vacation weeks where only vegan, gluten-free or nut-free meals are served in selected cabins.

Not quite ready to go “full vegan” I relaxed by doing a few weeks of “flexitarianism” (being an occasional meat masticator) before taking the plane to France after having courageously (I thought) ordered a full vegetarian diet in my French chalet.

Fortunately, however, it turned out that my new plant preferences were well taken care of, and my efforts to improve my health, save the planet, and save a few more animals from unnecessary slaughter were fully supported by the ‘SkiBeat team at the resort.

Upon arriving at my chalet for the week I was greeted by the friendly hosts who immediately noted all dietary requirements and continued to ensure that something extremely tasty and filling while being fully vegetarian was provided for breakfast, lunch and dinner. daytime.

For breakfast, they have hot and cold options, and the hosts do a great job baking vegan cakes for the more hardcore herbivores. If there’s a particular ingredient that you don’t like too much (e.g. mushrooms in my case, which most people weirdly choose to accept but which I know were obviously made by Satan to punish them? bad guys), you just mention it to your hosts and they find you alternatives.

Of course, a good breakfast is important when you go to spend the day on the slopes, and nowhere is this more true than in the incredible ski area of ​​La Plagne where skiing seems to drag on (although in reality it is only one of the three largest domains in the world, when we add its link with the neighboring Arcs to create the immense Paradiski domain of more than 400 km, one of the three largest in the world ). I have definitely skied long and hard all day and found that being fed on this big veggie breakfast keeps me moving without feeling hungry.


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