Scottish Scoop News | Mountain biking: the passion that changed Rémi Vernon’s life

Following his introduction to mountain biking, Vernon became extremely attached to the sport and is now a very prominent figure in the Carlmont High School cycling community. He and several other bikers came together to form the Carlmont Mountain Bike Club.

“We started the mountain bike club because we wanted to bring the joy of biking to school and spread the sport especially to lower grade students,” Vernon said.

This objective was achieved from the first meetings of the club, which proves that the interest in mountain biking is very present in the region. However, it is not without controversy. Vernon believes that the general public is very divided on the subject of mountain biking, especially in the Belmont area.

“It’s controversial, a lot of people either hate it or love it. I’ve seen some people totally against it and some totally supporting it,” Vernon said.

In Vernon’s eyes, the rift stems from a lack of understanding, not from inherent ill intent on one side or the other. Like many others, mountain biking was something that drove him and it’s hard to imagine anyone else not enjoying a sport as fervently as you are yourself. so involved in this sport.

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