Punters crush bookies as the 80ft surf wave heralded 10,000/1 hit on the ‘toughest sporting feats’ list!

“It’s not the average person on the street who has the money. And that’s where the inequality is, between the rich and the poor.”

Without wishing to blow his trumpet excessively, I think it is safe to say that the 1988 world champion surfer, former anarchist, butterfly collector and pro surfing commentator, Barton Lynchis a well matured and rounded individual.

Although slightly warmed by age, because he is fifty-seven years oldBarton will occasionally open a front if he feels his electrons quivering.

Yesterday, social media fans in their thousands raved about his new beard, and today the same fans were gifted with Barton’s reboot of Karl Marx’s seminal anti-capitalist tract, Das Kapital.

In hindsight, the beard was less Californian mountaineer and more 19th-century German philosopher and political theorist.

Marx’s central thesis, of course, was that capitalism is driven by the exploitation of labour, that is, of the worker; that the owners of capital are protected by governments so they can do what they want with the worker and the result is that you end up with “poverty in the midst of plenty”.

Ring bells?

Yeah, well, Barton took to Instagram earlier today to modernize Marx’s themes now that we’ve all come down the rabbit hole of equality and equality of outcome, along with the usual disparity of wealth.

In a two-part missive, Barton says:

“I love the idea of ​​equality, I’m all for it, and I’ve often said that there needs to be a redistribution of wealth to create an equal base so things can move from there and if you think about it At the moment we’re standing there’s a lot of talk about equality and there’s equality in some languages ​​and in other areas, but when we talk about financial equality or opportunity it would seem than in the pandemic the money has increased! The money did not go down!

“And in any redistribution of wealth for the future of the planet, money must calm down from where he is already, above. And with those who have it, businesses, individuals, families. Where that wealth is concentrated, they are the ones who must let go and give some of that wealth back to others to create an equal base from which the world can start.

“Because it’s not the average person on the street who harbors and holds the money, you know what I mean? And that’s where the inequality is, between the rich and the poor.

Personally I find the offense poor and the sooner they are sent to remote camps or mines the better.

To each his own, etc.

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