Police kill man in Huntington Beach in shootout at US Open of surfing

Police reportedly killed a gunman in the sand in Huntington Beach on Saturday afternoon. Although the US Open of Surf is still in progress, the competition was over for the day at the time of filming. TMZ obtained graphic images of the incident it appears to show several officers opening fire on the man while he was lying in the sand.

“The WSL is aware of the incident which occurred near the Huntington Beach event site after the competition ended for the day,” a World Surf League spokesperson said in a statement. . “All athletes and staff are safe and cared for.”

Huntington Beach Police spokeswoman Jennifer Carey said the shooting took place at 3:15 p.m. just south of the pier and a few yards from the trailhead. The video shows witnesses shouting from the pier.

Although the details surrounding the shooting are still unclear, witnesses told the OC Register that police were involved in a chase with an adult male wearing a white t-shirt and denim shorts. Authorities say the man was armed and did not obey several orders. It was then that the police opened fire. “We started hearing pop, pop, pop,” said Hector Tovar, a resident of Chino Hills, Calif. Register now. “I thought it was fireworks, that’s how many laps there were.”

Although the US Open was over for the day, hundreds of people were still in the area. The man was reportedly taken to a nearby hospital where he died of his injuries. Police were carrying body cameras, which will be used in the investigation into the shooting, and said they recovered the gun from the man at the scene.

After the incident, activists in the area began to demand that the officers involved be held to account, according to Tory Johnson, founding member of Black Lives Matter-Huntington Beach. “This is what we are fighting against. We are fighting against police attacks, whether black, brown, purple, ”he said. “What we’re saying is you can’t kill minorities, and you can’t treat people a certain way just because they’re different from you, or they don’t fit the mold. of an average citizen of our city. “

This report will be updated as more information becomes available.

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