Perfect waves await with New Jersey Indoor Surfing!

Photo credit: Skudin Surf at American Dream

And if I told you that you can surf all year round, don’t worry about the sharks, you will never get sunburned, and the waves are always perfectly swollen. It’s true and waiting for you in Jersey! Skudin Surf… said to enter, the water is great!

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If you’ve been to the American Dream Mall in East Rutherford, New Jersey, you know this is one of our top attractions. It’s not just a mall, it’s an experience. This is how you learn to surf without waiting for the perfect wave … they are all perfect!

This indoor surf pool is amazing. No sand, no beach badge … just ready-made waves and a coach if you need one!

From 11am to 8pm it’s a super fun wave pool … then it turns at night into Skudin Surf where you can book private group or solo sessions to ride the waves.

The cool part is you can choose the type of waves you want during your session. There are all kinds of options … watching the surfers ride in the “green room” is such a cool site. Yes, you can take a good long ride.

They provide the boards and if you want to learn a coach is available for you. Reservations are required but it’s a super fun way to practice or hang out with friends! I’ve always wanted to surf but I couldn’t believe if I looked too much like a seal to sharks that might be interested. It’s perfect !

Skudin Surf American Dream is located at 1 American Dream Way, East Rutherford, NJ

Read more of the original story here. See you at the pool!

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