Parkway Drive’s Winston McCall: 5 Best Songs For Surfing The Waves

Parkway Drive are the titans of Aussie metal, and when they’re not creating waves with their music, they’re riding it. Singer Winston McCall particularly enjoys partaking in the hobby of surfing in his country’s wetlands, and although any song from their new album, even darkeror any of their metalcore classics fit into the soundtrack of a day at the beach, McCall isn’t hubristic enough to bang himself before he jumps on the board.

Curiously, the music he associates with surfing is much less heavy than Parkway Drive, but all incredibly physical and sonically connected to the primal rhythms of the open sea. Below are McCall’s five favorite surf jams.

Video of Where’s My Head?

5. Pixies – “Where’s my mind?”

It literally sounds like whale songs during these verses. The other songs I chose resonate with the waves, it’s more about the time in between. The minutes and hours you spend floating in the middle of nowhere. It’s just you and your brain drifting, lost together.

Video of Dire Straits – Sultans Of Swing

4. Dire Straits – “The Sultans of Swing”

Just the sound of guitar lines reminds me of long drives, cold winds and deserted beaches. It’s part of my soundtrack for long cruises, the fiberglass crackling on the water and the salty feel on sunburned skin.

Video of the waiting room

3. Fugazi – “Waiting Room”

This bass line. Damn… The dynamic rise and fall, pushes and pulls throughout the song drives the energy to a place of raw expression that matches so well with the chaos and stillness of the ocean. Plus, the majority of your time in the ocean is spent waiting, anyway. Seems about right.

Tom Petty And The Heartbreakers Video – I Won’t Back Down

2. Tom Petty – “Won’t Back Down”

When you’re paddling the face of a mountain of water and watching a vertical drop directly onto the reef below you, that’s the jam you want to push yourself over the edge. Of course, you might not end up doing the wave and be completely decimated on the rocks, Where you could get the craziest wave of your life and remember it forever. You can never get that ride if you back up.

Video of Bad Religion – "Part III" (Full Album Stream)

1. Bad Religion – “Part III”

It has that strong bassline that stays in your head, dueling solo breaks, and a relentless drive from start to finish. Enough to stay stuck in your head for hours while keeping the level of adrenaline sought after on the water.

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