Oregon black diamonds and microbreweries

BEND, OREGON – Getting ready for a getaway to the Cascades this winter? If you’re planning a ski hike along this chain of stratovolcanoes, your itinerary should revolve around winter sports and the brewing epicenter of the Pacific Northwest: Mount Bachelor.

You’ll have the opportunity to snowshoe, cross-country ski, snowmobile, cross-country ski and fat bike for your enjoyment on the trails near Bend in central Oregon. But if you are a powder dog it will be next to impossible to visit and not want to try your hand at the slopes of Mount Bachelors Black Diamond, snow parks and big mountain cruising lines in the back and in the bowls. . And then throw in some of Bend’s best food: the microbrewery hunters.

The towering grounds of Mount Bachelor are a receptacle for seasonal precipitation, which drains the precious groundwater needed to make Bend’s famous fermented beverages. Some estimates say it takes 20 years for porous basalt in the Deschutes watershed in central Oregon to filter and carry some of the country’s purest water to Bend.

It is a special experience to cut a corduroy rug or powdery freshies on the steep side of an alpine volcano. Then, seal your cardio-dry mouth with a beer created from what was once snow, around the 2000 era, perhaps on the same stroke you’re thirsty for.

(Does this need to be translated? Blast your way through fresh, unspoiled powder with fast, tight turns that send out sheaves of snow, and you too can slash freshies. Corduroy refers to the ridged texture of a freshly groomed trail. Also, Mt. Bachelor is the ski resort atop Mount Bachelor, the mountain.)

Mount Bachelor General Manager John McLeod has skied all over the world, but, he says, “When I first skied on Bachelor Mountain, what struck me the most was the makes it seem so natural. I imagined that was probably what skiing was when it started out in the sport, without all the glitter. Simply awesome land, as Mother Nature created it in the first place, and how she continues to serve it every day. We get tons of snow every year and amazing spring skiing during one of the longest seasons in the industry.

Snow usually covers the mountain from late October to April, although this season starts off slowly. The winter season at Mount Bachelor, which was due to open on December 3, has been delayed by too mild temperatures. (Details on snow conditions can be found on www.mtbachelor.com.)

There’s something for everyone on this mountain, which boasts over 4,300 acres of skiable terrain, groomed trails for all skill levels and the Woodward Snow Park. As a snowboarder and a local I love the lines that really make you win. I aspire to surf on an ocean of snow vibrations. At Mount Bachelor – or Brother John, as some longtime PNWers call it – you can totally lose yourself in the mountain experience. Speeding down an off-trail slope above a treeline, with a snowflake rooster tail kissing your cheek, the space-time continuum seems to disappear.

My favorite route looks something like this: climb up to the top, then hike to the top and ride the Pinnacles and Bowls. Climb to the top, drop the back, cross the skiers to the right, drop a ravine, drop, drop, drop. Hit the cat trail. With drops of sweat accumulating like artesian wells, slalom it over the narrow return until you reach the NW elevator. Recover on the way up. Rinse, repeat.

When you’ve had enough of this winter wonderland, cash it all in for a microbrewery – tailgate style, at a gas station on the mountain or in Bend, where breweries keep their best recipes for winters and seasonal après-ski. .

It seems entirely appropriate to pair winter warmers, all brewed in central Oregon, with their ski-run counterparts, with the Mt. Bachelor’s McLeod. So use this modern, locals-only pub crawl list to guide your tour by day, beer garden at night.

Top 8 warmer winter wetsuits

1 Boneyard Beer’s Skunk Ape red IPA. McLeod’s couple: “The Skyliner parking lot, that’s where you’ll find them. Skunk Ape is a compilation beer produced with Lib Tech, a premium snowboard maker. The Skyliner parking lot is at the base of a snow park at Mount Bachelor, where all snowboarders park and run laps, rain or shine, winter or spring.

2 GoodLife Brewing Mountain Rescue Dry Hop Blond Beer. McLeod’s couple: “Le Cirque – because rescues shouldn’t be easy!”

3 Sno’d In Winter IPA by Bend Brewing Company. McLeod’s couple: “Back to West Village – if you’re going to be Sno’d In, you better go back to the bar…”

4 Red Chair Northwest pale ale by Deschutes Brewing Company. McLeod’s pairing: “Red chairlift line – obviously. Red Chair is the classic cult three-seat, slow-rolling, early-open, cult elevator at Mount Bachelor. It’s worth a turn just for the story.

5 10 Barrel Brewing Company’s Pray for Snow Winter ale. McLeod’s pairing: “Any race at another resort. Mount Bachelor always has snow!

6 Cloudchaser IPA from 10 Barrel Brewing Company. McLeod’s pairing: “Wanoga – top to bottom, best mountain run.

seven Worthy Brewing Powder Keg. McLeod’s Association: “Pot of Gold – two or three turns in the powder that will blow your mind. “

8 McMenamins Old St. Francis Winter Warmer Kris Kringle. McCleod’s Pairing: “Marshmallow – to go with hot chocolate and cookies.” “

If you are going to

Mount Bachelor ski resort: Find the ski resort at 13000 SW Century Drive just outside of Bend. Find details on ski slopes, lift tickets and snow conditions at www.mtbachelor.com.

Bone beer: The Boneyard valve room is located at 1955 NE Division St. in Bend; https://boneyardbeer.com.

GoodLife Brewery: Find the Brewery’s Bierhall tasting room at 70 SW Century Drive in Bend; www.goodlifebrewing.com.

Bend Brewing Company: The brewery pub is located at 1019 NW Brooks St. in Bend; www.bendbrewingco.com.

Deschutes Brewery: The Deschutes Pub is at 1044 NW Bond St., and the brewery tasting room is at 901 SW Simpson Ave., both in Bend; www.deschutesbrewery.com.

Brewing at 10 barrels: Check out the Bend’s Brewery pubs at 1135 NW Galveston Ave. and 62950 NE 18th St., or take a brewery tour at 62950 NE 18th St. Find details at https://10barrel.com.

Worthy of brewing: Find the Worthy Brewing Pub at 495 NE Bellevue Drive and the Worthy Brewing Beer and Burgers at 806 NW Brooks St., both in Bend; https://worthy.beer.

McMenamins Old St. Francis School: Find this quirky hotel, restaurant, pub-brewery and bar complex at 700 NW Bond St. in Bend; www.mcmenamins.com.

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