New trails at Whitefish Mountain Resort dedicated to local ski legends

Whitefish Mountain Resort unveiled the new 8 chair on Saturday, after dedicating two of the Hellroaring Basin’s newest runs to local ski legends.

The teams spent the summer and fall moving Chair 8 higher up Big Mountain, using a helicopter to hoist each tower into place. The resort invested more than $ 2 million to complete the move, as part of a multi-year project to improve access to the Hellroaring Basin and create more opportunities in the area for intermediate skiers and snowboarders.

Two of the new slopes are named in honor of ski legends. Chet’s’ Stache is named after Chet Powell, who spent over 40 years at the resort. RadJack is named after the late “Rad” Jack Marcial who helped popularize telemark in the 1970s.

The lower terminal of Chair 8 is now at Grand Junction and the top is near the Toni Matt-Big Ravine split. A trip on the elevator takes about seven minutes and covers 1,082 vertical feet.

“We are excited to be completing this project as it allows guests to spend more time running in the Hellroaring Basin, while still maintaining easy access to the front of the mountain,” said Dan Graves, CEO of Whitefish Mountain Resort . “It also allows us to open the pool earlier in the season, as we won’t wait for the snow to accumulate at the lower elevation where the bottom of the lift was.

In addition to reclassifying sections of Hell Fire, the station added six new trails to the pool in 2020. These are Wing and a Prayer (double black diamond), Short but Sweet (blue square), Pat’s Ride (black diamond) ), Lacy Lane (blue square), Chet’s’ Stache (black diamond) and RadJack (black diamond).

The Chet’s’ Stache run pays tribute to Chester “Chet” Powell, who spent over 40 years in the resort, going from ski patroller to director of mountain operations before taking semi-retirement in 2019. He continued to assist Whitefish Mountain Resort with the Hellroaring Basin project through summer 2021. The name of the new trail is a nod to Powell’s impressive salt and pepper mustache.

The RadJack Trail is for the late “Rad” Jack Marcial, who helped popularize telemark skiing in the 1970s. Marcial, who passed away in 2018, moved to Whitefish in 1987 and his family has been part of the Big Mountain family ever since. .

Powell and members of the Marcial family gathered in the Hellroaring Basin on Saturday and took their first steps in Chair 8 before the crowds poured into the elevator.

“This development has been a fun process and a great way to retire,” said Powell. “It has been incredible to contribute to such a great improvement in this ski area. “

Jack Marcial’s daughter, Tori Marcial, said the new RadJack race allows her to share fond memories of her father with his own children.

“Seeing him commemorated on the mountain he raised us on gives us the opportunity to remember him and share the place with our friends and family,” Marcial said, adding that the new 8 chair improves considerably access to the Hellroaring Basin.

Graves said the complex looks forward to continually improving the Hellroaring Basin and other areas of the complex.

“We can’t think of anyone better to celebrate with these new trails than Chet Powell and Jack Marcial, who have made immeasurable contributions to the Whitefish ski community,” said Graves.



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