Navajo teen brings Native American pride to enduro mountain biking

A new film from Specialized follows a young mountain biker Diné as he brings enduro racing to his community.

Nigel James is not your typical 17-year-old cyclist. As a member of the Navajo Nation, he feels deeply connected to the heritage and ancestral lands of his people. He also grew up in the awesome canyonlands of the American Southwest, a veritable enduro mtb heaven.

Watch him revitalize old singletrack ranching trails and gently introduce new ways to honor his people’s connection to the land.

Then watch him, his homies, and even his elders send that fresh gnar.

Duration: 13 minutes

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Jilli Cluff
By Jilli Cluff

Jilli grew up in the rural mountains of southern Colorado, before moving to Texas for college. After seven years in business consulting, she was introduced to sport climbing – and life would never be the same. She now works as a contributor, gear tester and writer for GearJunkie and other outlets within the AllGear family. She’s based in Atlanta, Georgia, where she sets up shop with her climbing gear and blue one-ear heel, George Michael.

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