Mountain Biking in North Carolina: Take these routes in the Blue Ridge


Bike rides every day. Joy in everyday life. Get inspired by cycling with this short film, highlighting a group of North Carolina cyclists and their routes through the Blue Ridge Mountains.

Will Fryar and Michael Lowther are just two guys who love to ride a bike. And they especially like to do it in their garden. “This film was inspired by the camaraderie of good friends, each with their own skills, to take a trip to the wooded backyard of our beautiful state,” explained director Will Fryar.

“This trip was not about the destination. Rather, it was about the many encounters, roads, rivers and moments shared together. Although we are all very different, our love for cycling is what brought us together. And what better way to enjoy this shared love than to travel together through this place we all call home? “

Inspired? Take their roads

Fryar and Lowther tested their mettle as they traversed “the winding roads and trails that run through Wilson’s Creek, Linville Gorge, Lake James and more,” the directors teased in the film’s release. Do you like the look of the trails? Check them out for yourself the next time you find yourself in the Blue Ridge.

Day 1: Drive to Morganton, North Carolina

  • Paved, unpaved: 55%, 45% of the route
  • Maximum score: 8.3%
  • Total distance: 35.3 miles
  • Total altitude: 3,553 feet

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Day 2: Drive through Avery County, North Carolina

  • Paved, unpaved: 46%, 54% of the route
  • Maximum score: 7.8%
  • Total distance: 48.6 miles
  • Total altitude: 3,713 feet

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Duration: 6 minutes

“Masters of None” is a 36 hours at Kitsbow, award-winning film. It was directed, filmed and produced by Will Fryar and produced by Michael Lowther.

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