Minecraft players use Cow Surfing to get around

Cow surfing just might become the fastest way to get through the world of Minecraft as long as you have some wheat.

Cow Surfing - Via Reddit

Minecraft isn’t really a game to go anywhere fast. Rather, it’s about slowly walking through a cubist’s dream or delving deeper and deeper into his nightmares, but none of these trips are particularly fast. It’s mostly a lot of walking, digging, and the occasional blast.

However, a Reddit user has discovered a new method of transportation that may soon become the gold standard in Minecraft. It’s called cow surfing, and it involves a boat, wheat, and a lot of cows.

Reddit user oaleksander posted this video on the Minecraft subreddit where it quickly exploded to over 50,000 upvotes. Their process is simple: create a flat plane with hundreds of cows, build a single block of concrete to serve as a launching pier, place your canoe on top of that pier, then equip a bundle of wheat. Then push yourself into the great sea spotted with cows.

Because oaleksander holds wheat, cows are all extremely drawn to whatever they do. This causes them to cluster under the ship and allows the boat to ride hundreds of cows.

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There are of course limits to cow surfing. You can get a really good clip over short distances, but you’ll soon run out of cows to surf if you paddle too fast for too long. Also, your mode of transportation requires a LOT, A LOT of cows, so it’s only really useful for custom maps.

Still, cow surfing is the fastest we’ve seen moving around in Minecraft and still surviving the trip, so maybe Oaleksander is on to something.

In other Minecraft news, we have another Minecraft video courtesy of Avocado Animations that shows the origins of Creepers. It’s a witch’s cauldron, an Eternal Life potion, an accidental addition of gunpowder, and a pig’s head. Add it all together and you’ve got something really horrible that looks more in line with South Korea’s R rating for Minecraft than it is for North America’s G rating.

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