Meet the Smith Mountain Lake She Doos Jet Ski


SMITH MOUNTAIN LAKE, Virginia. – A group of women, aged 50 to nearly 80, make waves on the water of Smith Mountain Lake.

It’s hard to miss them if you’re on the lake at the same time as the She Doos. Dressed in their iconic lime green outfit, these jet ski women have the same style they’ve done over the past two decades – in a bag, of course.

On Thursday, the She Doos took to the lake to reminisce about how they had become for their 20th anniversary reunion.

“We mainly started because we were told that the lake was vast and that there were a lot of coves where you can get lost. We were a little afraid of getting lost, so we made some benchmarks and then we ventured out and felt safe in numbers, ”said Deedee Bondurant, founding member of She Doos. “We can do it ourselves. I didn’t need my husband’s help.

Even after all this time, the She Doos remain true to this unofficial motto.

“We can do anything a man can do, and we can do it while we’re thinking about other things. It’s just plain fun, ”said Marlene Truesdell, a She Doo rider and peloton leader. “We will ride until our bodies don’t let us ride anymore.”

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And Truesdell keeps his word.

“I have two fake hips, one fake knee and five back surgeries, and it’s not going to stop me,” she shares.

His passion for the waves will overcome any medical problem. Platoon leader, indeed.

“We have been a family relationship between all women. Our new life has included so many new people that we have come to know. It’s kind of like a lake sorority, ”Bondurant said.

As new members arrive, Bondurant hopes they will be able to instill in them why they started the group and what they have accomplished.

You have to be 50 or older to become She-Doo, and some of the current members are almost 80 years old.

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