Mark These Great Assam Hiking Trails

Mark These Great Assam Hiking Trails

02 November 2022, 16:19
2 minute read

Explore the thrilling side of Assam with these five trails

Here is a place where beauty meets thrill.

Assam has a soulful side that is full of mountains, streams, forests and bridges.

Although at first glance they may seem breathtakingly beautiful, they present themselves as adrenaline-pumping hiking and trekking spots.

Here are five great hiking and trekking trails in Assam that are perfect for thrill seekers.

Bageshwari Devi temple trail is one of the most perfect and easy trails in the state. It is especially suitable for beginners and children.

It is only 2.7 kilometers long with an elevation of 56 meters above sea level.

As you pass through the Maliyata Reserved Forest, prepare to be mesmerized by the lush greenery and diversity of flora and fauna.

Brahmaputra Bank Trail is another easy trail that is perfect for kids or beginners.

It is only six kilometers long and has an elevation of 73 meters above sea level.

You will cross semi-evergreen forests, rushes and meadows, which make the route more enchanting.

Besides that, the out and back trail is perfect for bird watching.

Nameri National Park Trail

The Nameri National Park Trail is flat, easy, and beautiful.

It is around 8.3 kilometers long and can take you around four to five hours to complete.

The trail takes you to Nameri National Park, home to over 600 species of flora.

It provides a natural habitat for Bengal tigers, leopards, bears, deer, ducks, hornbills, plovers, etc.

Kohora-Mihimukh Loop (Central Range)

The Kohora-Mihimukh Loop (Central Range) ranks moderately in difficulty.

This is a 26.4 kilometer long trail that can easily take you around seven to eight hours to conquer.

It is a beautiful drive that takes you to Kaziranga National Park and on the way you can easily spot different species of birds, animals and flowers.

It is also ideal for an off-road experience.

Majuli Island Trek is considered one of the toughest trails in Assam.

It is approximately 35.7 kilometers long and can take you around nine to 13 hours to complete.

Situated at an elevation of 843 meters above the ground, it is the tallest river island trek in India.

When you take this trail, be sure to pack enough water and food.

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