June 18 is International Surfing Day; Here are 5 ways to celebrate

Photo: Jeremy Bishop//Unsplash.

Tomorrow June 18 is International Surfing Day. continuing a tradition started by the Surfrider Foundation in 2005. Last year was the Olympic debut of the sport of surfing, and this year’s theme is “The Beach Belongs to Everyone”, building on recent emphasis on inclusiveness. and share the enthusiasm that has been built in the surf community. Here are some things you can do to participate in International Surfing Day 2022:

1. Go surfing with a smile on your face.

It’s easy to get sucked into the aggressive “get off my wave, kook” mindset when you’re in the water, especially on a Saturday in the summer. Rather than letting out that sigh of exasperation checking out the (probably crowded) waves at your local break, put on a smile and remember that surfing doesn’t have to be how awesome a wave is. you can get. Call a grom to the wave in front of you, wait your turn instead of jostling for position, and spread the blow. You’ll probably have a more satisfying surf this way too.

Beach cleanup in Baja California. Photo: WILD COAST.

2. Attend an ISD event near you.

Inclusive beach cleanups and group surfs will take place across the United States and around the world. Check your local Surfrider chapter’s event page or contact local non-profit surf organizations who can also organize local paddle trips. If you’re in the Bay Area, the City Surf Project will be in San Francisco at Ocean Beach, Stairway 17 to celebrate International Surfing Day. The waves will likely be less than epic, as they often are at this time of year, but no doubt the load will be high.

3. Organize your own group surf.

If nothing is happening in your corner of the country, gather some friends and get in the water! This year the focus is on inclusivity, so invite over that friend who always said they wanted to surf but didn’t try, or make a buddy in the water! It’s not a bad time to do the environment a favor either. As a group, try getting to the water in a different way, like carpooling or biking. Organize your own beach cleanup or simply pick up litter on the way to the water. Every little bit counts, and if you make a habit of doing any of these little things, it could have a real impact.

4. Show your support with an ISD T-shirt.

Check out the Surfrider’s International Surfing Day collection, where you can buy ISD 2022 swag, or sign up for an annual Surfrider membership, where all proceeds go directly to supporting Surfrider’s mission for clean oceans and access for all.

dylan graves crashing waves

The 2020 Paddle Out unit in Encinitas. Photo: Dylan Graves//YouTube Screenshot.

5. Donate to an organization working to expand access to surfing.

There are so many great organizations doing the hard but necessary work to make our world a better place. With ISD 2022’s focus on inclusivity in surfing, consider donating to an organization dedicated to attracting more people. At the top of my head, the City Surf Project in San Francisco comes to mind (check out their annual surf-a-thon), Un Mar de Colores in Southern California is another, as well as Textured Waves, Changing Tides , and many others . Did we forget your favorite surf equity organization? Let us know and come out tomorrow!

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