Investigation to investigate four hiker deaths in two years at “hard and remote” Mount Augustus

“The temperature in spring and summer on Mount Augustus can regularly exceed 40 degrees, and that does not take into account the radiant heat coming from the rock.

“There is no potable water available in Mount Augustus National Park and very little natural shade or shelters built.”

Thelma and Brian Green died while hiking Mount Augustus.

Ms Collins said Dr Paul Luckin, a witness with “considerable expertise in surviving extreme conditions”, would testify.

“It will describe how dangerous the environmental conditions can be for visitors to Mount Augustus and what precautions need to be taken to ensure the safety of visitors,” she said.

“This could include simply not attempting the summit hike at certain times of the year, or starting the hike no later than 6 am and carrying no less than six liters of water per person. “

The opening statement also recognized that Mount Augustus was “in a remote part of the world,” but the area was growing in popularity despite it.

“The peak season for visitors to Mt Augustus National Park is typically April through October with, on average, 4,000 visitors during these months. This number is believed to be increasing, ”Ms. Collins said.

The investigation will take place over three days, Tuesday through Friday, with 16 witnesses to testify, including police, government agencies and the owner of the Mount Augustus Tourist Park.

Inspector Darryl Cox, who was attached to the WA Mid West Gascoyne Police District Office and involved in the emergency response, also prepared a report for the state coroner.

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