Inovatec Systems partners with VoPay to improve payment technology for lenders

Inovatec Systems, a provider of cloud-based software solutions for lenders, has partnered with VoPay to integrate payment processing capabilities into Inovatec LOS and LMS platforms. Lenders can now offer a payment mechanism to businesses and consumers to improve customer service, reduce chargebacks and improve cash flow.

Vancouver-based VoPay offers payment-as-a-service solutions that are well suited to lenders. Through a single API, the VoPay platform facilitates automated bank account payments for lenders and consumers across North America. VoPay’s multi-rail payments network supports real-time payments, EFT, wire transfers and Visa Direct, allowing lenders to send and collect payments without building their own infrastructure.

Through Inovatec’s partnership with VoPay, lenders can instantly verify bank accounts and digitize collections while adjusting payment terms on the fly to meet changing market conditions and personal circumstances.

“VoPay is a dynamic and innovative company that has successfully deployed secure, reliable and user-friendly automated payment acceptance technology,” said Vlad Kovacevic, co-founder and CEO of Inovatec. “We are excited to integrate VoPay’s API into our LOS and LMS platforms and simplify the tedious payment acceptance process that has always been a point of frustration for lenders and consumers alike. This added functionality allows lenders set payment parameters directly in the Inovatec system, reducing expenses, mitigating errors and improving cash flow.Equally important, the automated payment mechanism satisfies consumers, who have the comfort of knowing that all payments will be done on time and in a safe manner.”

Inovatec’s cloud-based technology enables lenders to streamline loan processing, decision-making and management through intelligent automation that can be customized to meet the exact needs of lenders. The company’s capabilities allow lenders and other financing organizations to adjust workflows and create new business processes as needed.

“We are delighted to work with Inovatec, which has an outstanding reputation for excellence in innovation in loan origination and loan management solutions,” said Hamed Arbabi, Founder and CEO of VoPay. “This partnership will enable lenders to convert the payment acceptance process from a legacy environment defined by costly inefficiencies and manual processes to a modern, automated, accurate and secure experience. Our efforts not only improve the bottom line for lenders, but also strengthen the relationship between lenders and their consumers.

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