Hogadon will offer night skiing on Fridays and Saturdays; probably costs $ 25 for adults

Hogadon is testing new lights. (Screenshot via Hogadon, Youtube)

CASPER, Wyo. – With the Hogadon Basin ski area set to offer night skiing for the first time this season, Casper City Council discussed a fee schedule proposal during its working session on Tuesday, October 11.

The “Friends of Hogadon” raised funds to help finance the lighting project. Another group, the Zimmerman Family Foundation, has offered to cover any shortfall of up to $ 60,000 that the city incurs for operational expenses related to the night skiing offering. The foundation will cover these gaps for the first three years that night skiing is offered.

Council member Kyle Gamroth asked what would happen after those three years.

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“We are already subsidizing Hogadon to the tune of $ 280,000 [per year]“said Gamroth, asking if the supply of night skiing over the past three years could potentially increase the costs the city pays into the ski area.

City manager Carter Napier said if night skiing proved unpopular, city staff would likely recommend that the service be discontinued to avoid increasing the subsidy. He said in that case the lights would remain available for special evenings which could take place a few nights per season or would be available for ski teams renting the facility.

Napier said until night skiing begins he can’t somehow say what that could potentially mean for the city’s results three years from now.

Casper’s director of parks, recreation and public facilities Zulima Lopez said Hogadon is preparing to offer night skiing from 3 p.m. to 8 p.m. on Fridays and Saturdays.

Donors were consulted to establish the proposed price list for night skiing in Hogadon. The proposed price list included in a note in the municipal council working file is as follows:

The city council indicated its support for the advancement of this fee schedule during the working session on Tuesday. As this was an informal vote, the board will be asked to consider a formal resolution to fix the fees at the regular board meeting next week.

City staff and the Hogadon Night Ski Project donors researched prices at other ski resorts in the area to establish the proposed rate schedule. Hogadon will only be the second resort in Wyoming to offer night skiing, according to the city staff memo. Six Colorado resorts offer night skiing.

The majority of stations offer separate night passes from the day passes. However, Keystone Resort, Echo Mountain, and Howelsen Hill offer night skiing with their day passes. Prices for night skiing across the region are stated in the memo as follows:

Hogadon staff recommend lower rates than regional resorts, as only two trails will be available. Hogadon will offer night skiing on the Boomerang and Park slopes. Another reason for offering lower prices for night skiing is to make skiing more affordable and thereby attracting the public.

Another recommendation is that Hogadon offer night skiing at a discounted rate to regular season pass holders rather than increasing the regular season pass rate for all users. Staff and donors also recommend a night-only ski pass.

The prices of the Hogadon’s regular daily and seasonal passes for the year are as follows:

Hogadon shared the video of the first light test for the new night skiing in August:

Hogadon originally planned to launch night skiing last winter, but structural flaws with Hogadon’s new light poles were identified and prevented that from happening.

The initial project had an estimated initial cost of $ 385,000 to $ 405,000 with “Friends of Hogadon” raising funds to finance the project.

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