HIKING IN COLORADO: “Ignorance kills”; Unprepared Texas hikers rescued

ALMOSA COUNTY, Colo. (KDVR) – The Alamosa Volunteer Search and Rescue Group said it rescued two unprepared hikers Monday who were suffering from hypothermia.

AVSAR said it was contacted at 2:35 a.m. by Colorado State Patrol dispatchers who said two hikers were suffering from hypothermia in the Sangre de Cristo Range near Lake Como.

Rescue teams arrived in the area and began driving the Lake Como road, which they said was exceptionally dangerous due to heavy rain, high risk of rockslides and extremely slippery rocks.

When rescue teams reached the hikers about a quarter mile from Lake Como, one of them was so cold they couldn’t move. AVSAR said the other hiker was vomiting, severely dehydrated and had a headache.

AVSAR said they gave the hikers hot water bottles and sugary drinks to rehydrate them, then brought them to the trailhead to be screened by EMS.

“Ignorance kills,” AVSAR said. “These hikers were totally unprepared. They had no extra clothes and no way to stay dry in their tent, which had no flysheet. These hikers said they couldn’t understand why it was so cold and rainy in Colorado because it was “so hot in Texas” where they hike all the time. They never checked the weather forecast and had no food, water, or extra layers for the strenuous hike or overnight camp. This is an extreme example of how ignorance can suddenly kill people in these mountains.

If you’re hiking in Colorado, it’s important to “know before you go.”

If you feel unwell, get lost, or suffer an injury, be prepared to ask for help if you need it.

Get a Search and Rescue Map for Colorado Outdoor Recreation:

If a search and rescue team incurs expenses during a mission, they do not charge the person they
assistance. They (or the sheriff of the county under which they operate) absorb this cost. Purchasing a CORSAR card helps ensure that a county sheriff and SAR team are financially prepared for the next mission – just as they were ready to help you because the people they helped had a card and that the team’s expenses have been reimbursed. This card allows first aiders to request reimbursement of extraordinary expenses, but not normal operating or mission expenses.

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