Hiking a great adventure for all

This event is also known as the Kgosi Maripe mountain trekking excursion.

It is organized by the Local Municipality of Bushbuckridge (BLM) in partnership with the Local Bushbuckridge Tourism Organization (BLTO) during Tourism Month.

According to Sizile Ndlovu, the president of BLTO, the mountain was named after Chief Pulana, Kgosi Maripe Mashile, who resided in a cave there. The purpose of the event is to promote hiking, raise awareness of the Bushbuckridge Forest and local tourism, encourage locals to explore their local environment, market the site and stay fit.

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“The hike is made to honor the chief, who was moved with his tribe to Acornhoek years ago. Hikers walked approximately 9.2 kilometers.

It may seem difficult, however, the beauty of the area made the climb worthwhile.

“When we were climbing we encountered a lot of bush pigs and the view from the top was amazing. It’s so interesting; on the way up it is foggy and there is no view which encourages to keep walking. Ndlovu said he wanted the public to be able to visit the mountain so that they could admire the view from the top.

“There is so much to see in Bushbuckridge. While standing you can see the Three Rondavels on the east side. You can see the Blyde River, Hoedspruit, and the Kruger National Park. For those who don’t prefer to hike, they can sit in the car and enjoy the view.

There is a picnic area and nice accommodation. Ndlovu said the event was a great success. “We were expecting 100 hikers and 90 people joined us. Everything went according to plan and the weather was good. BLM and BLTO said they appreciated the input they received.

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