Hike the 1,000 Steps of Huntingdon County

Philadelphia, PA – If you’re interested in a family hike, the 1,000 Steps in Huntingdon County, Pennsylvania is a perfect option. They are relatively short and have gravel parking. There are no parking fees and no permits required to walk the trail. At the top, the trail leads to the top of Shorb, offering great views of Huntingdon, PA, and the surrounding towns. Along the way, you will see the remains of a quarry, including ruined buildings and ruins. You can hike this trail straight north or take a loop that includes the loop.

If you’re looking for an adventure near a nature reserve, consider hiking thousand steps in huntingdon county. This hiking trail is part of Jacks Mountain National Wildlife Refuge and offers views of the surrounding countryside. You can relax and admire the scenery. Hiking this trail is no easy task – it’s equivalent to climbing half a mountain and a half – but the scenery is worth it.

For the more adventurous, the Thousand Steps hike in Huntingdon County is a must! It is 0.4 miles of steep, uneven steps with overgrown railway grades. The trail crosses Route 22, the William Penn Highway, the Pennsylvania Railroad Main Line, and the current Norfolk Southern Pittsburgh Line. A small cart was rolling along this path at one point, powered by a small steam engine.

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