Hike and Bike and Ski, Oh My! Hickory Ridge Trail w…

WHAT ARE FRIENDS FOR? The Friends of Hickory Ridge raises money to improve the amenities of this beautiful trail. (Pictures sent)

North of Bloomer nestles a beautiful trail called Hickory Ridge. In all four seasons, this trail welcomes hikers, mountain bikers and cross-country skiers. Now the hardworking volunteers who maintain this trail, the Friends of Hickory Ridge, are working to improve the amenities of this nature hotspot.

The Friends of Hickory Ridge, a non-profit group, have been stewards of Hickory Ridge since 2002. The group has worked closely with Eau Claire’s CORBA non-profit organization to make their trails the best it can be. Now they want to update their equipment for a more enjoyable experience.

Plans include expanding the parking lot, building a heated house for a cozy winter spot, creating an oversized shed to store gear, and developing a mountain bike skills area, where young people and newcomers can practice mountain biking before hitting the trails. . The Boiler Room will be a 24ft by 24ft building with electricity and the roof line will continue for another 24ft by 24ft area which will serve as a picnic area.

The new storage shed will measure 30 feet by 48 feet and will also be powered. This way, the volunteer workers’ equipment, such as snowmobiles, which they use to pack snow for cross-country skiing will be safe from the freezing winter.

Bill Zimmerman, a member of the Friends of Hickory Ridge, said their goal was to raise $500,000 for expansion plans. They’ve already raised $88,000, but need all the help they can get, so if you’re using Hickory Ridge and want to see it get even better, please donate. A timeline for the completion of these projects is tentative, but they will occur. Friends of Hickory Ridge just need a little help getting there. Donate to give outdoor enthusiasts in Western Wisconsin a new and improved place to enjoy nature.

To learn more about the Friends of Hickory Ridge and how to donate, visit their Facebook page at facebook.com/skihickoryridge.

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