Greg MacGillivray – A career making surf films, the beginnings of surfing | Programming with Dave Prodan

Filmmaker and surfer Greg MacGillivray joins the group to talk about his influential surf film Five Summer Stories and a life in surfing. First, he looks back at the beginnings of surfing, the joy and escape it provides, the introduction of competitive surfing, and his personal beginnings in the sport in Southern California. He immerses himself in his work with Jim Freeman and MacGillivray Freeman Films, directing and producing surf films like Five Summer Stories, Big Wednesday and more, working in Hollywood, developing some of the first IMAX films and even contributing to Ridley Scott’s Blade Runner. . He shares stories of filming in extreme locations, from Mount Everest to Mavericks to US National Parks and beyond. Greg also discusses conservation, innovations in film technology, similarities between mountain climbers and surfers, and the upcoming screening of his new film alongside live music.

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