Festival of the Big Five. Ski with care, complete program

It is often said that mountain people and skiers in particular are the first witnesses of global warming. All mountain people who deserve the name know it. This is the case of Gaétan Gaudissard. Originally from the Hautes-Alpes and living in Tarentaise, he is a professional skater and ambassador of the Annecy Salomon brand. Sunday at the Big 5 Festival (session 10), the young man with the mustache presents the film Conscience, which he directed with Alex Chambet. A beautiful project (1h10) which testifies to his awakening to a certain environmental awareness that he must coexist with his activism as a professional skater. is not suitable ?

“I wanted to share this change which affects my personal and daily life,” he explains. To assert his point of view, he turned to a journalist to meet strong personalities in the community who share the same sensitivity and convey their words. Victor Galuchot, former hero of the web-series “Bon appétit”, mountaineer Liv Sanoz in her garden in Chamonix or even mountain guide Tony Lamish were invited to share their thoughts on preserving their environment. “If I was going to meet other people, it would be to build a reflection on this. In the world of skating 99% of people are aware of the problem, but in the end no one sees an alternative. I wanted to provide solutions and ideas that are not necessarily expensive and restrictive.

Poem for local skiing

There is no question of teaching Gypsy a lesson. Not so long ago, like everyone else, he dreamed of traveling to the other side of the world and skiing in a car. “At my level, what I found ‘less bad’ for my activity is the electric bicycle. We can add the sealskin and the train. To assert his point of view: ‘When you go to the mountains by bike, you take more time but you don’t waste any.’ »Preparing for a trip or a day of skiing is already immersed in the adventure. ”

Consciousness is not an ode to local skiing, it is an invitation to take the time. “For me, it’s an invitation to reflect on how and why we do things. The feeling of satisfaction is very different from climbing a mountain if you go by car or if you get there and it takes a long time. Taking the time to deal with the fate of our environment, in outdoor exercise as well as in everyday life, “It really is part of the solution.

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