Escher. Nothing will be changed on nearby hiking trails

“Fall arrest nets give a false sense of security”

Despite the dead – nothing will change on the hiking trails in Alpstein

Time and time again, hikers fall to death at Alpstein. This is why the experts call for structural measures. There is no need for the district council responsible for Schwande-Root.


Restaurant Escher-Wildkirchli: Many hikers make the pilgrimage to Alpstein, at least because of the Instagram hype.

It was not the first fatal drama at Alpstein this year. On August 1, a mother († 32 years old) and her daughter († 5 years old) from the canton of Thurgau fell down a steep slope. Both could only be saved dead from the inaccessible terrain between Escher and Altenalp. After the accident, measures were necessary, including structural modifications to the hiking trails.

mountain guide guido rampfler “The road does not look dangerous from above”,00:54,

Nothing will come of it. The Schwande-Route district council, responsible for discussing possible measures, met last week. According to a report by “Tagblatt”, the authority has decided not to make massive changes.

According to the Zilla Parishad, installing safety nets or other fall protection structures on the valley side gives rise to a false sense of security and is not an appropriate measure. “In the mountains, the hazards and conditions are different from those on the hiking trails in the valley. This is taken into account in the classification of hiking trails and can only be reduced to a limited extent by structural measures,” the newspaper quoted in a statement.

Reporter Blick at Alpstein: “People are outside with their babies – no slings”,01:26,

Classification as “Mountain trail request”

The district council classifies the paths from Escher to Cielapsee and Altenlup as mountaineering trails – this includes the classification “difficult mountain routes” and a white-red-white marking. In the message, the Zilla Parishad also draws attention to the personal responsibility of pedestrians. The mountain hiking trails from Abenalp via Escher to Cilapsee or Altenalp are only recommended for experienced climbers. Alternatively, less experienced climbers could reach Celapsi via an asphalt road.

The hiking trail expert explains: “Travellers often underestimate themselves”,01:36,

One person who called for action after the August 1 tragedy was Bernese hiking trail expert Rudy Spice. “When accidents happen so often, it can’t just be the fault of hikers. There must be more behind it,” he told “Tagblatt.” In fact, during an on-site inspection, he found several tripping hazards and found sections he felt needed fixing. “The disaster at the time clearly affected the structural measures, especially on the plot where he was a few yards from the next door, a hundred yards,” Spice said. Decrease.” “It sends shivers down my spine.”

In the future, warning signs will draw attention to the dangers

Mountain guide Guido Rumpfler pointed out another problem: “People tend to underestimate trails and underestimate themselves.” The area around Escher has been incredibly popular for many years. “Since then, people have hiked here who may not have been there before.” The path to Gasthaus Aescher is still relatively uncompetitive. Previously, people traveled by train to Abenalp and then by an easy route to the mountain inn. “The path from the mountain tavern Escher towards Seelapsee or Altenalp is no longer so easy – not a problem for climbers, but it can quickly become dangerous for the inexperienced,” said Rempfler.

Popular but exposed: Seelapsee to Escher hiking trail.

The Zilla Parishad also sees the need for action in the area of ​​information and awareness. Therefore, in the future, there will be an information board at the entrance to the Escher Trail. Its aim is to draw attention to the dangers in the Alpine region, in two languages ​​and with pictograms. (Nope)

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