DEC Warns of Dangerous Hiking Routes in the Adirondacks | WWTI


NEW YORK (WWTI) – DEC has seen an increasing number of dike traps over the past decade.

The DEC said this could be attributed to the general increase in hiker activity and the increased use of hiking forums on social media. However, the DEC said some of the social media posts enticed inexperienced hikers to take routes beyond their capabilities.

DEC is also warning people that the Trap Dike route on Mount Colden is not an official trail. In fact, it’s not a trail at all.

The route is classified as a climbing route and the DEC reminds hikers that the route should be avoided by people who do not have climbing experience and equipment like a climbing rope and a helmet. Without these, the road can be fatal.

Parts of the Trap dike are listed in the “fall-free areas” category. This means that an accidental fall can result in serious injury or even death.

The DEC said the best advice would be to use an experienced licensed guide to help safely climb the trap dike. This area should also be avoided during periods of rain and is best for climbing when it is dry. DEC also reminds people that there are different trails that provide a safer, more enjoyable, and always difficult hike that will lead to the top of Mount Colden.


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