Cape Town woman creates hiking page to show that all bodies belong in the mountains

Weekend breakfast host Sara-Jayne King chats with Amanda Rinquest.

  • Cape Town resident Amanda Rinquest created an inclusive hiking platform called ‘Hiking for Chubby Girls’ on Instagram
  • Rinquest says the purpose of his page is to provide useful hiking information and create an outdoor community that embraces all bodies.

Image: @hikingforchubbygirls/Instagram

Capetonian Amanda Rinquest is on a mission to make outdoor spaces in the Mother City more inclusive.

Rinquest has created an Instagram page called “Hiking for Chubby Girls” which aims to provide practical local trail information for various body types.

On the page, Rinquest offers an honest account of various Table Mountain hiking trails and presents easier walking alternatives.

Since the launch of her platform, she has hosted two group hikes and will host a third next week on Saturday.

Rinquest says people experience Table Mountain National Park differently based on their height and weight.

She wants to challenge the misnomer that chubby people aren’t interested in outdoor activities.

Although group hikes can be a daunting experience for everyone, Rinquest says it can be especially difficult for chubby people who are worried about “holding the group back.”

The avid hiker began exploring the outdoors several years ago on nature walkers with her family.

She says the mental health benefits are the main reason she hikes.

“Hiking for Chubby Girls” plans to hopefully organize a hiking date at least once a month. All bodies and all genders are welcome to take up space,

I really want to make the mountain accessible to people so they feel like it’s theirs too.

Amanda Rinquest, Founder – Hike for Chubby Girls

It was never intended to be a hiking group, but it just happened because people are desperate to go hiking in a group where people have similar body shapes.

Amanda Rinquest, Founder – Hike for Chubby Girls

It’s such an important part of clearing the mind and the instant endorphins you get from finishing something or the endorphins you get from completely losing yourself and jokingly trying to find your way back.

Amanda Rinquest, Founder – Hike for Chubby Girls

Nature and the mountains in Cape Town in particular are for all of us. Whether you’re chubby, short, depressed or not, you should feel comfortable enough to walk down Tafelberg Road, walk along Newlands Forest, because it doesn’t have to be intimidating. thing.

Amanda Rinquest, Founder – Hike for Chubby Girls

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