Britons are taking up new hobbies, from surfing to flying a plane, survey finds

The BRITS are embracing a new zest for life after two years indoors with the pandemic – taking up exotic new hobbies.

More than half of adults feel ready to step out of their comfort zone by discovering new things.


Britons hope to take up surfing or flying a plane as a new hobbyCredit: Getty

A survey of 2,000 adults shows that 68% are desperate to try something new, with half also focusing on more short-term achievable goals than lifelong ambitions.

Skydiving, driving on a circuit and conquering a mountain range are among the 20 highest ambitions.

While mastering a new language, overcoming a fear and finally learning an instrument they’ve always wanted to play also tops the list.

The research, commissioned by BMW, found that four in ten people believe that having ambition in life is essential to being in top physical and mental condition.

More than a third, 37%, say always having something to aim for means they never stop learning.

About half of the nation, 52%, also refuses to let old age slow them down – saying it has given them perspective and made them more determined.

But almost half of Britons fear they have ‘wasted’ their weekend at the end, according to figures from

A BMW spokesperson said: “Staying physically and mentally active is essential to our happiness and well-being.

“So it’s great to know that many people are following through on their ambitions and pursuing new experiences.

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“We all know that feeling that days and weeks seem to go by faster as we get older.

“Now is the time to get out there, enjoy the day, jump in the car and try everything you’ve ever wanted to try.”


1. Master a foreign language

2. Write a book

3. Overcome a fear

4. Learn a musical instrument

5. Scuba diving

6. Drive on a circuit

7. Ride a Horse

8. Start painting

9. Fly a plane or helicopter

10. Take a parachute jump

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