Black Girls Ride Bikes: Community Through Mountain Biking

Despite having incredibly different backgrounds, professional mountain biker Britt Greer and Black Girls Do Bike co-leader Brooke Goudy find common ground and support through their shared love of mountain biking.

But it does not stop there. These women are on a mission to introduce and inspire women of all colors and walks of life to come out and after.

The Denver-based duo hit the road to ride bikes, camp and grow their relationship as friends and advocates. Along the way, they learned more about each other and the importance of community.

Launch the player to watch women in action and learn more about their advances in advocacy.

Find a community

“When I started mountain biking, there weren’t a lot of people like me in the sport,” Goudy admitted. “So when I had the opportunity to join a mountain bike organization with other women of color, it finally made me feel like part of a community.”

Goudy then revealed that once she felt like she belonged in mountain biking, she could share her passion with others.

“Representation is so important because if you’re doing something you love, but you look around and you don’t see anyone else who looks like you, you might start thinking that maybe that thing isn’t- be not for you. So it became my mission to create a safe and inclusive space where women of color can feel comfortable. So they can see a black woman on a bike or a black woman who coaches and thinks, “Yeah, I can do that too,” Goudy explained.

These ladies learn from each other in more ways than you might think. (photo/@thepublicworks, THOR Industries)

Greer is acutely aware of the misrepresentation of women, especially women of color, and seeks to continue her efforts to spearhead change.

“It is important that the mountain cycling communityand the outdoor community as a whole, are representative of our wider communities,” Greer said.

Greer further explained his goals through his love of pedaling and create a goal.

“Being outside and doing something like mountain biking offers so much value – for our lives, our health and our happiness – and I want to share that with as many women and women of color as possible,” a- she revealed.

It is a feeling felt by many.

Duration: 10 minutes

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