Best mountain biking gear for beginners in 2021

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  • Mountain biking is great for fitness, socializing, and being outdoors, but it can be expensive to get started.
  • Not all equipment is necessary for beginners, but items like a helmet, water, and fuel are a must.
  • These mountain bike accessories are essential for staying safe on the trails, but some have low cost swaps.
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Mountain biking is a deadly workout, both physically and mentally, a faster way to score mountain vistas than on two feet, and a socially dopamine-distant way to pass your time. However, there is no getting around it – mountain bike gear costs money.

And if you haven’t ridden much (or at all), it’s hard to know which mountain bike accessories you prefer Actually need.

You could certainly go out with just your bike, a bottle of water and any old helmetbut having sport-specific gear with you will make your ride more enjoyable, safer, and ultimately better.

To help you out, I’ve tested and rounded up some of the best mountain biking gear for beginners to bring you a comprehensive checklist on how to get your kit started. While most gear has been tested over the course of several months, I’ve had some for years, which not only speaks to its proficiency, but also its durability.

Because we want to minimize this barrier of entry and help attract as many people as possible to the funtown that is mountain biking, we have noted for each item how necessary it is when you start and if there is a viable exchange you’re probably already having at home.

Before we get into the choices, it’s important to highlight a few key considerations to keep in mind before hitting the trail, including what non-mountain bike-specific gear to pack and some tips on preparing for the trail. emergency situations.

Here is the equipment you need to start mountain biking:

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