8 Beaches to Catch the World’s Biggest Surfing Waves

Big wave surfing is an exciting activity to experience at least once in your life. The swell, the adrenaline rush and all that fun atmosphere combine to create lasting memories that any adventurer will appreciate. For adventurous surfers looking to get their adrenaline pumping, turn on the rock and roll music and get ready to ride the biggest waves in the world.

8 Mavericks Beach, Half Moon Bay, California

Waves at Mavericks Beach are known to reach 26 feet (8 m), making it one of the best beaches for big wave surfing. Located in Half Moon Bay, Northern California, Mavericks produces exciting right and left waves and the winter months arrive with the larger sizes. As well as being a mecca for surfers looking to test their skills, the beach’s reputation has also made it the venue for the Mavericks – a sporting event that began in 1999.


seven Teahupoo, Tahiti

Teahupoo attracts people from all over the world with beauty and extremity. The surf spot has been considered one of the best destinations for big wave surfing in the world and is even a destination for world famous surfing events. With waves reaching 23ft (7m), the surf here is extreme, which means it can get dangerous for beginners and even experienced surfers. Apart from its enormous height, Teahupoo’s waves are also known to be super fast and powerful, which makes surfing even more challenging for the most experienced surfers. Fall and winter are the best times to catch reliable waves in Teahupoo, but the waves are nearly constant year-round.

6 Playa Tamarindo, Costa Rica

Costa Rica is not only a mecca for wildlife; it is also filled with many amazing beaches for surfing and Playa Tamarindo or Tamarindo Beach is the destination for catching some exciting waves. Although the waves at Tamarindo Beach don’t compare in size to the rest of the beaches on the list, its appeal lies in its consistent waves and swells that sometimes reach 10 feet (3 m) during the summer months.

5 Punta De Lobos, Chile

Visitors who can make it to the remote location of Punta De Lobos will enjoy the towering waves and beautiful scenery. This South American beach has consistent left waves that can reach 19 feet (6 m) and stretch for several hundred meters. July is the best month to surf here but the waves are consistent all year round.

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4 Waimea Bay, North Shore, Oahu, Hawaii

With so many bodies of water and strong, consistent winds that characterize the island, surfing in Hawaii is an exciting thing to do, especially when done in a place like Waimea Bay. Often referred to as the birthplace of big wave surfing, Waimea Bay features waves known to reach 9m (29ft) during the winter months, making it difficult for even experienced surfers to ride. Even spectators will enjoy watching the experts ride the waves here. Although it unleashes its full force in the winter, Waimea Bay is generally calm during the summer months allowing people to swim and enjoy other water activities.

3 Cortes Bank, California

Located west of San Diego, Cortes Bank is known for producing waves that rise to over 65 feet (20 m), and while it’s scary to think about, gigantic waves reaching a height of 90 feet (27 m) were once seen here in 1990. While the waves reaching the North Pacific shore are quite strong, a rock in the water amplifies the waves, making them bigger and stronger as they approach the shore. The waves are not only big and scary, but also glassy, ​​making them even more appealing to surfers, although it’s crucial to keep in mind that the size of these waves makes it difficult even for photographers to capture the action on camera.

2 Jaws, Maui

Jaws, also known as Pe’ahi, has been a popular spot for big wave surfing for many years. With swells reaching heights of over 50ft (15m), it’s a beloved spot for some of the best surfers in the world as well as epic surfing events. While the beach offers some of the biggest waves in the world, it takes time and luck to catch the action, but when it finally does, the views are incredible.

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1 Praia Do Norte, Nazare, Portugal

Praia De Norte or North Beach is not a new name for the surfer community. When it comes to big wave surfing, this beach located in Nazare, Portugal remains at the top of the list. He currently holds the Guinness World Record for the biggest waves ever surfed. The waves at this beach are known to reach 75ft (23m), making it a surf spot best left to experienced surfers who (incidentally) are also at extreme risk. Big wave surfer – Garett McNamara was the first to ride a record 78ft (23.8m) high wave at this beach, followed by big wave surfer – Rodrigo Koxa who surfed a bigger one wave height of 80 feet (24.4 m). Besides its gigantic size, the waves stay consistent all year round and even get bigger and more consistent during the winter months.

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