5 reasons why locals and visitors love to ski at Snowbasin

With Mercury sitting comfortably in near triple-digit territory, it’s hard to imagine ski season just around the corner. But with fall approaching and the holidays in sight, it’s time to set your sights on the slopes. And if you are not familiar with Snow basin, one of the state’s main beach resorts, there are several reasons to make it your must-see for the 2021-2022 season.

It’s in your backyard

Conveniently located just 45 minutes north of Salt Lake City, it is accessible for all getaways and weekends. It is an easy highway route, where traffic usually heads in the opposite direction. With multiple paths to the resort, Snowbasin doesn’t face canyon closures and is still accessible on powder days. On top of that, Snowbasin is expanding its parking lot this season, which already has the most parking spaces at any resort in Utah. Did we also mention that parking is free?

One word: tradition

Founded in 1940, Snowbasin is not only one of Utah’s best ski resorts, it’s one of its first ski resorts. In fact, Snowbasin is one of the oldest operating resorts in North America, with pros, amateurs and enthusiasts enjoying its slopes for over 80 years. In 2002, Snowbasin played a large role in the Salt Lake City Winter Olympics as a site for alpine speed events.

5 reasons why locals and visitors love to ski at Snowbasin
Photo: Snow basin

The snow

That little statement that adorns Utah license plates isn’t just a flippant phrase. Utah’s reputation for having “the greatest snow on earth” is backed up by science, thanks to the climatic conditions that combine on the Wasatch Mountains, says SkiUtah.com.

This beautiful snow is used at Snowbasin. The resort spans over 3,000 acres with a 3,000-foot vertical drop served by high-speed quads and comfortable gondolas. Novices will have fun finding their rhythm on a gentle 11% slope with two magical conveyor belts. For skiers looking for more adventure, the higher elevations feature challenging glades, plunge groomers, and bowls filled with glitter powder, not to mention stunning views.

Snow for all ages and abilities

Sure, it’s good for the pros, but Snowbasin isn’t just a ski resort for experts. In fact, the full Snowbasin program Snow sports school is the perfect way for novices to kiss the most beautiful snow on earth. Whether it’s private lessons with targeted individual instruction, group lessons for adults and young people, ski teams and other seasonal programs, there is an option for all ages and skill levels.

For beginners ready to invest in their ski game, Snowbasin’s Learn and earn is the perfect way to embrace the sport over a three-year period, with lessons, equipment rentals, lift tickets and specials always available.

State-of-the-art ski lifts and lodges

In Snowbasin, the mountain is impressive, as is the resort infrastructure. It has a state-of-the-art ski lift system, including two cable cars, a tram and high-speed elevators. Plus, inside the lodge, the skiing lifestyle is king, with crackling fires, comfy seating, and delicious dining options to warm up and recharge.

This year, skiers will discover two major improvements on the mountain, including the Middle Bowl Express chairlift and more extensive parking options.

The ski season is fast approaching, as is the increase in season ticket prices. The Snowbasin Premier Pass offers unlimited winter access, as well as summer gondola access for hiking, biking, and sightseeing, as well as five days at the Sun Valley Resort in Idaho. Prices go up after Labor Day, so head over to Snow basin to save over a whole year of adventure.

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