5 Best Hiking Trails in Denver, No Hiking Required

DENVER, CO – Hiking isn’t everyone’s cup of tea, but that doesn’t mean you can’t still breathe in nature’s fresh air.

Whether it’s to exercise, socialize, or simply see the beauty of Denver, take advantage of the many trails around Denver that don’t require high-intensity exercise.

We’ve rounded up Denver’s best hiking trails that are at best scenic, interesting, and moderate. Lace up those shoes!

Cherry Creek Trail is Denver’s not-so-hidden gem. It’s perfect for walking as the trail is over 40 miles with smaller sections noted. It also winds its way through the city, making stops along the way, turning a walk into a day of adventure. Doggies are welcome, on a leash!

Bear Creek Trail gives you value for your money. The trail checks multiple “walking wishlist” boxes in one place. It’s concrete – an easy-to-walk surface – and is nine miles long for those who enjoy long walks. The views are spectacular and varied, including meadows, a creek, and even the Denver skyline. This one is particularly suitable for children.

If you want the chance to say “hi” to the local wildlife, then the Green Mountain Trail is an excellent choice. Be on the lookout for birds as this is a popular spot for bird watching. The trail is a little more moderate than some other walking trails, so come here on a day when you’re up for a slight challenge. It is known for its scenic views and wildflowers if you visit at the right time. Dogs are encouraged to follow, leash required.

Magnificent views are straight on the Platte River Trail Loop, which is a less crowded route. The trail is paved and the experience remains interesting as it passes through “Confluence, City of Cuernavaca, Commons, Centennial and Gates Crescent parks”. Not bad for a trail that isn’t even four miles. It also includes benches and picnic tables if you need a break or want to stop for a quick snack with your walking companions.

If you want to enjoy your walk without leaving the city, Washington Park is the place to go to enjoy the green landscape and the beautiful lake by walking the perimeter or choosing to walk the park.


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